the ROCKET I - III (60 - 120 mins)

Rocket routines I, II, III * are the series of postures based on a revision of traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga that lift off the veil of hierarchy of poses and give the practitioners the inspiration to travel into their own creative process and to explore their body’s limitations and strengths, while still honouring the core values and teachings of the ancient lineage. Rocket sequences are regarded as invigorating and uplifting as they offer a fair amount of twists and back bending, arm balances and handstands allowing the practitioners to open up the body and heart, to strengthen the core and clear up the mind. Rocket routines are accessible to all levels of practitioners: experienced students are offered variations to challenge them a bit more and beginning students are given modifications to safely explore the practice – so the benefits are experienced by all! 

* 2 hours practice encompassing Rocket I and II sequences (with certain modifications), intended for people who are familiar with I and II series OR are not new to the demanding asana practice and are in good physical condition.

ASHTANGA MIX (60 - 90 mins)

This practice is based on Primary and Intermediate series of the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga system. We open our practice with the set of sun salutations 1 and 2 (Surya Namaskara A and B), in order to ignite the fire of purification within us, to warm up the body and prepare it for deeper work. We diligently work through fundamental standing poses, approaching the seated sequence, during which we give some loving to our core, hips, spine. Level of practice is based on the overall level of practitioners at the time of the class.  Be ready to breathe, move and shed few drops of sweat. Keep in mind that the hint of humor and lack of seriousness is always welcome.  

VINYASA (60 - 90 mins)

For me, Vinyasa is a perfect marriage between breath and movement. When we are going through our asana practice (physical part of yoga) and actively observe that our movement (entrance, stay and exit from a particular pose) follows our inhale or exhale breath, we practice vinyasa. Ashtanga vinyasa, Rocket vinyasa, vinyasa flow, Vinyasa, or you may call it whatever flow you want ... the essence remains the same: movement, with the slightest delay, follows the breath. Level of practice depends on the overall level of practitioners in the class. Modifications are offered and opportunities to be creative and try challengingly new and interesting things arise at plenty if you wish.


I find YIN practice to be a beautifully challenging experience. On a physical level, this practice gives me time to take my joints to their healthy full range of motion and to stretch deeper layers of connective tissue so the healthy flow of energy and lymph is encouraged.  On an emotional level, it gives me time not strive, not to want to be anywhere but rather listen…listen to the silence of my 'healer' nature. In my view, YIN practice is a must companion of any dynamic practice. Simply come as you are. If you have questions, ask by sending me an email or WhatsApp message.

YIN & YANG (75 mins)

We open this practice with a couple of YIN poses to release any muscle tension around the pelvis and hips. Continuing to sway into the direction of our healing nature, we slowly but dynamically travel through a number of poses. We will be paying attention to the geometry of our physical body in any particular pose, and to a mindful transition from side to side, pose to pose. We will close the practice with bringing the feet and the heart above head level (please feel free to let me know if you do not work inversions on that particular day). 


For all the information about the private sessions, please contact Dasha directly on or via WhatsApp (message only) +33640697600.


For all the information about the prenatal (postnatal) practice please contact Dasha directly on or via WhatsApp (message only) +33640697600.

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